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JUNE 27-29, 2024 St. Maarten Deadline: May 31

Are You ready?

To gain global access. Islandpreneur and U.S. Mission to the Dutch Caribbean have curated an experience for just 40 women entrepreneurs to help them get access to finance, networks, markets, technology, digital economy, and tech. In just 2.5 days, chosen participants will walk away with a roadmap to scale their business this year and beyond!


WIth more than 100 years of experience combined in the areas of entrepreneurship, business, and innovation development, these world class experts will help curate a roadmap of success. No more guessing! 

Calling Women Entrepreneurs

From Digital Strategies to global success

The U.S. Mission to the Dutch Caribbean and Islandpreneur International partners to host Islandpreneur Power Fest equipping women entrepreneurs from Atlanta and the Dutch Caribbean to become more digital, scale their businesses, and enter global markets.
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Inspirational Speakers

James T. Kirk

VP of Statistical Analysis +
Data Reconfiguration

Leonard McCoy

VP of Statistical Analysis +
Data Reconfiguration

Janice Rand

VP of Statistical Analysis +
Data Reconfiguration

Montgomery Scott

VP of Statistical Analysis +
Data Reconfiguration

"I want to express my sincere gratitude for the positive impact you've had on my journey, particularly through your mindset and business coaching. You’re just AWESOME! I wholeheartedly recommend your coaching services to all Businesses startup and seasoned."

Eve Levenstone
Business Owner


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?
  • Women entrepreneurs with registered businesses 
  • Those who are ready to make build digital businesses 
  • Those who are ready to grow their business into other markets 
  • Those who are would like to build their international network 
  • Those who are ready to work on their businesses and not just in their business 
  • Women entrepreneurs based on St. Maarten, Curacao, Aruba, and Atlanta 
  • Women entrepreneurs from other markets are also welcome (provided availability)  
What can I expect from Islandpreneur Power Fest?

At the heart of this initiative is recognizing women entrepreneurs' pivotal role in driving economic innovation and sustainable growth. This summit is underpinned by the U.S. State Department's POWER program (Providing Opportunities for Women’s Economic Rise), which, since its inception in 2019, has been instrumental in leveraging diplomatic and private sector resources to enhance women's access to vital skills and networks.

Key Highlights of Islandpreneur Power Fest ’24:

  • Selective Engagement: This event is unique in its approach, offering a platform for women entrepreneurs from the Caribbean and the U.S. The exclusivity ensures focused and meaningful interactions, making it a rare opportunity for attendees.
  • Business Matching for Global Trade: A core component of the conference is facilitating business matching, bolstering foreign trade, and opening up new market opportunities. This initiative is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the participating regions, fostering economic ties and mutual growth.
  • Bilateral Exchange of Expertise: In a refreshing departure from traditional conference formats, this experience is structured as a two-way exchange where U.S. and Caribbean participants share and gain insights, underscoring a joint commitment to learning and growing together.
  • Foundation for Sustainable Partnerships: Beyond networking, the event cultivates long-term, profitable business relationships. This approach is aligned with the broader goal of sustainable economic development and the empowerment of women entrepreneurs.
What you can expect?
Attendees can expect to gain implementable strategies to expand their business in other markets through the Dutch Caribbean and to the USA.  Under the theme "Global Access Granted", experts from around the world will support the chose This experience is designed to grant global access to women entrepreneurs from both the USA and the (Dutch) Caribbean. Attendees will walk out with a road map of how to gain access to finance, technology, networks, markets, and digital economy to accelerate their growth. 
Other benefits: 
  • Special rates at our host hotel, Simpson Bay Beach Resort
  • Access to an International Network of entrepreneurs and experts  
  • Included in our exclusive Islandpreneur Magazine 
  • Opportunity to work on the business and ensure growth 
  • Have exclusive access to our whatsapp channel just for attendees, speakers and stakeholders 
Is there a registration fee?

We're happy to let you know that there is NO registration or application fee for this event. 

Are there any additional costs?

If you are flying for this event, the your flight to St. Maarten is an additional cost that we won't be able to cover. 

Also, though we have secured special rates at our host hotel, Simpson Bay Beach Resort, prepare to cover accommodation costs as well. 

We're providing light breakfast and lunch. Any other food or entertainment requirements would be the responsibility of the attendee.

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